Snorkeling Cozumel – El Cid La Ceiba Resort

Snorkeling Cozemel off El Cid La Ceiba Beach Resort

Snorkeling is always fun when then fish come up to you to investigate who you are.  They swim right up to your mask, as if to say, are you sure you’re in the right place?

What I really like about Cozumel is the water, and the water temperature – usually it hangs around 78 degree, so it’s very comfortable.  I take a swim every morning and just walk into the ocean on the sand side of El Cid, then snorkel in the late morning and again in the afternoon –  that’s if I’m not diving, zip-lining,  or running around San Miguel sampling the foods around town.

After swimming hard and working off some of the great food down here, I float about, just bobbing on top with my mask and snorkel and hardly moving.  After a while the fish get used to you and they come closer to feed on the algae or whatever they’re eating. They come up to you to check you out, too. It’s fun and very relaxing, too.

Before coming down this time, I bought a Kodak 2×3 HD waterproof video camera (takes 5MB pictures, too) that I can film underwater up to a depth of nine feet.  I need this kind of camera for the taking the shots you see in the video. You even get sound underwater, too.  This vid is a bit off because I’m running out of space on my laptop hard drive, so my software is acting a bit fritzy.

It’s fun to watch the kids in the ocean, here, too. They get really excited with the snorkeling, too. That’s it for now – I’m hopping back into the ocean!



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