Zip-lining with cruiseships in teh distance

Cozumel Zip-lining

I took two hours off and headed south along the shore this morning to check out the zip-lining at Fly High Adventures. It was a lot of fun. There were families there, too, and the kids were having a ball.

When you arrive, the staff is good at bringing you up to speed on how to zip-line, the equipment,  and all the proper procedures to follow.  It’s really pretty easy to do.  I had done it before in Hawaii, so it was a no-brainer.  They use a double zip-line system, so you’re hooked up to two lines at all times for extra safety.

There are six different towers and you zip from one to another, so there’s almost half a mile of zip-lines. When you get to a tower that is lower, you simply walk up a couple of flights of stairs to gain height and off you go, again. The zip-lining tour consists of doing the circuit twice, so you get twelve jump-offs which is fun and the kids really like it.

I found this short video of the Fly High Adventures zip-lining on YouTube from TheEliteNinja2012, check it out.

There are few runs where you get going pretty fast, but it’s easy to break your speed with the heavy leather-palmed glove you’re provided with, so not to worry.  Plus, every run ends with a staff member to help you stop if you’re going too fast and, as a back-up, a soft, canvas backstop to stop you. So, not to worry, take off and let it rip!

Roberto Cosio, the General Manager, and I had a chance to talk and he mentioned Fly High Adventures was fully accredited. I also learned that Sky High is owned by the El Cid La Ceiba beach resort hotel, where I’m staying, so you can make reservations directly or through El Cid hotel if you’re down this way and want to take a couple of hours off to have some fun. Their website is:

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