El Cozumeleno Beach Resort

El Cozumeleno Beach Resort

One of my favorite places to grab some beach time, scuba dive, write, swim, and indulge my love of good Mexican food — Cozumel

I’m trying something new, this time — staying at an all inclusive beach resort, the El Cozumeleno, located at the north side of the island.  Although all inclusive, I will spend a lot of time in town, too, close by, a short taxi ride down the road. The people of Cozumel have always been wonderful all the times I’ve been to Cozumel, about twelve times since 1988. You can check them out here:

I stopped into the El Cozumeleno with my girlfriend for an afternoon on the beach and to take advantage of their bar, and we really did enjoy the time. So, this time I decided to stay there and take advantage of their superb beach for getting in some much needed exercise and  swimming and recharge the batteries time.

I’ll keep you up to date on my doings and the hotel and let you know how my trip goes.



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