San Miguel Town Square Photo: FLIKR


Hi Everyone,

I want to let you know I’ll be arriving in Cozumel along with a lot of rain and a very possible hurricane!  But who cares? It’s Cozumel! I originally planned this trip back in April, but had a minor operation go bad, so I had to stick around and I missed the summer and early fall.

Believe it or not, I still haven’t completed my hotel reservations, but I’m not worried as there are many good hotels and lodging in Cozumel and I plan to review quite of lot of them for you when I’m there – rooms, dining, amenities, and so on.

I’ll shoot a lot of video so you can get a good flavor of the hotels and the best values – this does not mean the highest priced or most luxurious, but the kind of places you would want to stay for your budget.

I’ve already been to Cozumel around ten times over the years and I can tell you it’s one of my favorite places to visit for a number or reasons – and some are:

Wonderful, charming, and warm-hearted local people.

Beautiful beaches and great diving!

Terrific dining (and I plan to check a lot of them out  and let you know the good spots)

A wonderful central town, San Miguel – lots of pleasant walking, dining, culture, and entertainment.

Watch  the promo videos I ran across on YouTube and you’ll get a flavor of Cozumel. But here’s the funny part, they don’t exaggerate the fun and charm of Cozumel. I’ll fill you in more when I get there!



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