Balboa Island Does Halloween Big-Time

Balboa Island Halloween

I’ve been staying with a friend on Balboa Island, set in Newport Bay in Newport Beach, CA. It’s a small jewel where the people know how to do Halloween right.

Balboa Island is both monied and friendly, where the residents go out of their way to celebrate almost any holiday with relish and a sincere desire to impart some happiness to friends and visitors, alike. So, when Halloween arrives, some of the displays are like none you’ll see anywhere and the candy pots are full for all of the visitors for trick or treat night.

One thing I particularly like are all the kids and families from some less affluent parts of town that feel comfortable joining in the festivities on Balboa. I think that says a lot about the good will of the nice people on the island.

Around Balboa is a good two mile walk along a wide walkway surrounding the Island. Attached to Balboa by a short bridge is Little Balboa Island. Main Balboa sports a quaint downtown area to mosey about. You can take a short ferry ride for $1.25 over to Balboa Peninsula to do some sight-seeing, too. That’s another way to get one Balboa, as well as the one road coming on to the Island.

Enjoy the Halloween pictures.

Balboa Island Sunset

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