I’M GETTING PAID! Ok, got that outa the way……………

Here are the rules in a nutshell and the rules are there to keep you, me, and our fellow blog readers from being scammed.

Briefly, Federal Trade Commission rules require that full disclosures be made by the blogger if the blogger is receiving any compensation for their recommendation of products and/or services.

That’s fair, so you know where the blogger is coming from. A good place is full disclosure, as you’re getting now.  For our purposes, whether I am or not, just assume I’m making money on everything I recommend or link to. That’s easiest. Also assume if I say something is good, it’s good. If it’s not good, I’m not shy, I will tell you so you don’t waste your money or time on craptastic goods and services.

For example, I really like Keen shoes and sandals – they’re rugged, nice looking (I think so, anyway), and comfortable! – and when I mention them or recommend them, and I have a link to a site, say , who will sell to a pair of Keens should you want to try them. If so, I will receive a small commission, say 4%-6% , of the sale. Thank you very much reader, thank you very much Keens, thank you very much

This is I how I offset some of the costs of my travels, air fare, lodging and such, and keep up the good articles and links to sites with goods and services, which I love bringing to you. Does that sound like a fair deal? Good.

So, before I go further, if you’re going to purchase something I recommend, please do so through the link on my site – the price will be the same and possibly lower and you’ll be assuring a stream of incisive blogging and occasionally witty reposts to tickle your funny bone.

Also, I will not recommend something I have not tried myself, or would try myself.  And if I know or have reason to believe something is crap, or a crap deal, I will not recommend it for a buck, but will tell you to beware.

Additional affiliate information: Bart Nedelman is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.Com.

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